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Mr. P Suresh and Mr. P Rajagopal

Founders and owners of the brand Sangeetha restaurants.

Sangeetha Veg Restaurant is a Chain of Signature Indian Restaurants, a group centered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. With more than 33 units at Chennai and 22 units abroad, we have an established chain of restaurants working through 55 branches globally privately owned and franchise model.

We are ambitiously driving to multiple venues in multiple cross-border nations with a proven track record across India, London, Middle East, North America, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and France.

The ambiance and aura that we provide in our hotels will surely enter you with a feeling of elevated emotions and flavors. We are continually looking for fresh ways to recreate our brand and are investigating indigenous cuisines that can carry into our menu.

Intricacies of our cuisines: 

Hailing from a Southern Indian context and South India is the cradle of spices, our dishes are focused on the aroma and flavor of spices. Our cuisines are obtained from the traditional Udupi & Chettinad style of cooking. For all our dishes we use authentic Indian spices and fresh masalas.

By protecting and promoting the quality of our traditional authentic dishes that have always made us unique. You can enjoy a classic flavor in our restaurant; enjoy excellent hospitality in a beautiful, warm, and inviting environment.

Celebrations take the whole household together, and during events, Sangeetha has developed itself as a secure eatery. Our menus are produced by the festive tradition during festivities, thus exemplifying the festive mood.

We are accountable for nurturing a healthier future and thus introducing regular appealing specialties enhanced with vegetables, pulses, grains, and lentils. Keeping in mind our customer’s good health, we use olive oil for preparing our north Indian dishes.

Our Pillars of Strength:

Providing quality and hygienic food has been our aim since our inception. To achieve our goal, we hire the best of the workforce, many of whom who have stayed with us from the beginning, and got trained extensively. We provide a safe working environment for our employees and pay them fairly. Our employees are highly motivated to prepare the best food and provide the best service to our customers.

This unique experience has helped us in serving authentic and traditional food wherever we are present around the world.

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No.7, Gandhi Nagar, 1st Main Road, Adyar, Chennai-600020


044 – 42170304 / 24643898 / 24935879 / 24615250



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