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“Sangeetha” was established in a modest manner, one of the major restaurant chains in Chennai, crossing many difficulties and difficulties. The founding seed in this indigenous restaurant group dates back to 1950 when young Padmanabha Pothi, a 12-year-old boy, was sent out of his home to find a job. Pothi collected all the expertise and experience to begin his hotel after working in many hotels. His two sons, P. Rajagopal and P. Suresh trusted their father and were prepared to manage the business with him.

When the family relocated to Chennai in 1979, Suresh, who was pursuing his Pre University, and Rajagopal, who was studying as a Chartered Accountant, joined their father in setting up their first “Suprabhatham” hotel in West Mambalam.

Suresh gained the strength to start the first “Sangeetha” hotel on July 7, 1985.

He worked wholeheartedly and was personally involved in kitchen of the restaurant.

Rajagopal opened a new store at Mylapore with the support of Suresh in 1990, it gained momentum over the years and many stores were opened across Chennai.

Looking back, Mr. Pothi lovingly passed on his knowledge and tremendous abilities to his two children, Mr. Rajagopal, and Mr. Suresh. They have always worked with their dad, who taught them the sophisticated art of the restaurant company. The years have gone, and the third generation of restaurateurs joined the business to bring on technology & novelty.

Mr. Rajagopal & Mr. Suresh not only created Sangeetha Veg Restaurants as the most popular restaurants in and around Chennai, and also together, they developed policies that made the Sangeetha Veg Restaurants operational in eight nations globally.

They never compromised on quality. Their motto concerning quality food at affordable rates in any of the stores with the development as their vision. They have taken utmost care to guarantee that wellness and love have precipitated across borders into every aspect of the Sangeetha Veg Restaurants group.

The Road Ahead:

With business innovation and food innovation both going hand in hand every day we are exploring and re-inventing new ideas to the history of restaurant business.

We care more about being faithful to the tradition that has always made us special. At our restaurant you can relish a classic taste, enjoy great hospitality in a pleasant, warm and in an inviting atmosphere.

Our greatest pleasure is to welcome you with immense joy every time and to render you an extraordinary dining experience, which you will want to enjoy repeatedly over many times and share with your generations too.

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No.7, Gandhi Nagar, 1st Main Road, Adyar, Chennai-600020


044 – 42170304 / 24643898 / 24935879 / 24615250



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