About Us 

Since 1985

Sangeetha Veg Restaurant is a Chain of Signature vegetarian Indian Restaurants, a group centered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.  

The first restaurant was opened in 1985 at Parry’s in Chennai
by Mr. Padmanabhan Suresh and later the second Restaurant was opened in 1990 at Mylapore by his brother Mr. Padmanabhan Rajagopal. They are the brand owners and have been instrumental in developing the brand across. They are now being supported by the Next Gen entrepreneurs Ms. Sanjana Suresh and Mr. Anirudh Rajagopal.


 Currently, the restaurants have grown exponentially to more than 35 units at Chennai and 15 units abroad. The restaurants are both ownership driven and also established through the Franchisee model. 

The restaurants are mainly in Chennai and its suburbs and in various locations abroad such as Belgium, France, United Kingdom, USA, Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Two new restaurants are to be opened as Franchise outlets at New Jersey in the USA and at Toronto in Canada. 

Although South Indian dishes was what the original restaurant had started with, now the restaurant chains cooks, dish out the best possible fair in North Indian, Chinese  and also Thai foods.

We are continually looking for fresh ways to recreate our brand and are investigating indigenous and foreign cuisines that can form part of our menu.


Authentic & Traditional

Hailing from a Southern Indian context and South India being the cradle of spices, our dishes are focused on the aroma and flavor of spices. Our South Indian cuisines are obtained from the traditional Udupi & Chettinad style of cooking. For all our dishes we use authentic Indian spices and fresh masalas. 

The traditional methods that are employed in our cooking, in addition to the authenticity of the quality of products that are being used, have made our chain of restaurants a customer’s delight. This gets additionally enhanced by the unique hospitality that we provide to our customers, along with the right ambience to create an unforgettable experience to Sangeetha Restaurant customers. Keeping in mind our customers good health we use olive oil for preparing North Indian dishes in most of our restaurants.

"The Vision of Sangeetha Restaurants has been
to provide quality food at affordable prices.  

- This philosophy and practice has been carrying on undeterred over the years unfailingly.

Pillars of Strength 

Providing quality and hygienic food has been our aim since our inception. To achieve our goal, we hire the best of the workforce, many of whom who have stayed with us for decades, and got trained extensively. Our employees have been our strength and are well taken care of, and they make it their aim to provide the best possible food to our customers.
All this has helped us in serving authentic and traditional food in India and abroad to our beloved customers.

The Road Ahead

With business innovation and food innovation both going hand in hand every day Sangeetha is always exploring
and re-inventing new ideas to the history of restaurant business. We care more about being faithful to the tradition that
has always made Sangeetha Restaurants special. At our restaurant you can relish a classic taste,
enjoy great hospitality in a pleasant, warm and in an inviting atmosphere.