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Confessions of Foodaholics Awards to Sangeetha Veg Restaurant, Chennai

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Sangeetha Restaurants for close to four decades have been vital in serving delicious meals made with utmost care to those in Chennai. From serving freshly brewed coffee and crispy dosas to start your day on the right note, to Oriental dishes and North Indian to help make any occasion memorable they have played an essential role in creating memories for their customers. For those in Chennai, starting off their day on the right note means to savour freshly made breakfast delicacies at Sangeetha, where every bite is reminiscent of home and each ingredient is handpicked with utmost care with the customer in mind.

Sangeetha Restaurants have been recognized by Swiggy, one of India’s largest online delivery partners for the number of people they reached. This recognition has been bestowed upon Sangeetha Restaurants as they have been recognised as Chennai’s leading vegetarian brand. According to ‘Confessions of a Foodaholics’ Sangeetha Restaurants have had 12,07,145 orders to date, and they have won the hearts of 2,25,251 new customers. With Idly being recognized as the best-selling superstar and sambar Idly being the critic’s favourite. This recognition reiterates how with the help of Swiggy, Sangeetha Restaurants has become part of many households in Chennai. It was also recognised through this was Sangeetha’s big ticket order of 16,538, proving that they are well equipped to handle orders of larger sizes and would be a flavourful addition to your festive occasions.

As a partner with Swiggy for nearly a decade, Sangeetha Restaurants are grateful for their online delivery partner who has been a constant support and has aided them in reaching their customers consistently and swiftly to provide good quality food to their customers. The team of Sangeetha Restaurants would like to thank their customers who have constantly supported them throughout the years and are the restaurant's top priority.

With 12,07,145 orders on Swiggy and many more at the restaurant, Sangeetha Restaurants is grateful to serve the best quality of food to their customers who begin their day with a pipping hot cup of freshly brewed coffee and crispy vadas and end their day on a flavourful note with masala dosas which in turn has made their relationship with their customers one that they cherish.

Order a taste of home today! Order delicious meals that are reminiscent of those made by our mothers at or order from your nearest Sangeetha Restaurant in Chennai on Swiggy, Dunzo and Zomato today!

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