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Elevating Gastronomy at Global Infocity Park, Sangeetha Veg Restaurant

Sangeetha Veg Restaurant has long since become synonymous with high-quality flavours and authentic dishes infused with dedication and commitment to excellence. Our new branch in Global Infocity in Perungudi is just the latest step towards forming a culinary legacy that lasts centuries. 

Food Courts: A Flavourful Playground

Food courts are not only a well loved fixture for all the hungry souls that pass through, they are also a hub of diverse flavours offered with unmatched convenience. Sangeetha Veg Restaurant's latest branch within the food court of Global Infocity provides tech professionals with a touch of tradition and the flavours of home with the added bonus of a dining experience unique to Sangeetha Veg Restaurant's loyal customers. With all your possible destinations just a stone's throw away, exploring a variety of cuisines, each dish crafted under the masterful eye of trained chefs, has never been more exciting! 

Delicacies Delivered with Dedication

With a reputation for unmatched authenticity and quality, each of Sangeetha Veg Restaurant's diverse array of cuisines and dishes is a testament to decades of honed craftsmanship and gastronomical artistry that changed the culinary landscape of Chennai forever. Our exciting feast of fantastic flavours offered at Perungudi's Global Infocity Park is no different. 

Must-Try Delicacies: A Gastronomic Tour

Uttapams Like Never Before: Bask in delicate aromas and rich flavours with Sangeetha Veg Restaurant's Uttapams. Delight in home-style comfort food with a unique Sangeetha twist as you rest your mind and feet and enjoy the hubbub of Global Infocity Park.

A Vegetarian Thali Extravaganza: Satisfy your every craving with a medley of unforgettable tastes and perfectly crafted delicacies served to you on a platter with Sangeetha Veg Restaurant's Vegetarian Thalis!

Caffeine Cravings Satisfied: Enhance your culinary journey with Sangeetha Veg Restaurant's world-renowned Filter Coffee. Blissfully aromatic and rich in flavours, this piping hot delicacy encapsulates centuries of brewing tradition in every sip. 

Make Magical Memories with Sangeetha

Food courts are not only a rest stop to fill grumbling stomachs, they're hubs of experiences and memories, where friends and colleagues are brought closer amidst the the bustle and chaos of everyday life. 

The Beginning of a New Chapter

Sangeetha Veg Restaurant's newest branch, nestled in the heart of Global Infocity Park in Perungudi, combines the authenticity and traditional flavours that our brand is known for with a unique dining landscape in the midst of a fast-growing technology empire. Whether you're a professional taking time away from the stresses of work to have a moment to yourself, or you're enjoying a meal break surrounded by colleagues and friends, or a foodie eager to try something new and special, all souls find a haven at Sangeetha Veg Restaurant. 

Join us at Perungudi in the food court of Global Infocity Park as we embark on this euphoric new venture of timeless flavours!

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