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Sangeetha's Sunset Feast

Chennai’s culinary scene–a vivid tapestry of cultural history, where tradition and innovation come together with centuries of knowledge to create gastronomical delights like never before. Sangeetha Veg Restaurant has always stood out from the rest, with sensational dishes, a dedication towards excellence in service, and an atmosphere that welcomes all. And as the sun begins to dip down towards the horizon, Sangeetha Veg Restaurant becomes a haven for all, where friends come together and laughter flows and the captivating aromas of sunset snacks spread through the air.

Evening Bliss on a Plate: Paneer Cheese Kurkure

Paneer Cheese Kurkure brings an exultant symphony of flavours to your palate, with the delicate creaminess of paneer and cheese combined with the well-loved spicy and tangy notes of Kurkure. Cheese, paneer, and masterfully fried veggies are brought together in this perfect evening snack with the sumptuous flavours of Kurkure. Not only is this Paneer Kurkure a feast of flavours to satisfy the soul, it is also a harmonious blend of delightful textures, with a sublime crunchy exterior and a soft, mouth-watering filling inside. The garlic chilli sauce served alongside it is a beloved classic, its recipe unchanged in all of Sangeetha Veg Restaurant's years, accentuating the tanginess of the dish. Our Paneer Kurkure is truly an indulgence that you can't miss out on!

Stuffed Rangolis: A Visual and Culinary Feast

A festive masterpiece, Sangeetha Veg Restaurant’s Stuffed Rangolis never fail to delight the senses. The outermost layer is made from a unique rice-based batter and fried expertly with a flavourful filling of vegetables and spices, creating a gastronomic feast for your palate. As the sun sets and the city lights up like a beacon amidst the darkness, treat yourself and your friends to art made edible in the form of Sangeetha’s Stuffed Rangolis.

Pairing Perfection: Evening Specials and Refreshing Beverages

No snack-time with friends is complete without sweet drinks to perfectly pair with spicy treats. Sangeetha Veg Restaurant has a wide and varied beverage menu, with classics such as milkshakes and lassis, and more unique creations including Sangeetha Veg Restaurant’s special falooda options. Sip your icy delights and munch on spicy snacks as you relax with your friends after a long day in the midst of Sangeetha’s ambience of homely, warm comfort.

Unwind and Indulge in Evening Splendour

As dusk falls and weary souls begin to make their way back home, Sangeetha Veg Restaurant’s doors open to let in all those who want to unwind and indulge in exquisite flavours and an ambience like no other. Each dish is meticulously crafted under the expert eye of our chefs and delivered to your table still steaming hot by dedicated service staff who are eager to see to your every need. Sangeetha Veg Restaurant is home to a culinary legacy centuries in the making, and each bite is home to decades of commitment towards innovation within the realm of vegetarian cuisine.

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to indulge in fantastic flavours in an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, join us at Sangeetha Veg Restaurants and feast to your heart’s content!

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