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Sweet Temptations at Sangeetha

Within the halls of Sangeetha Veg Restaurant, every customer’s culinary journey extends far beyond the realms of savoury goodness, and ventures into the realm of irresistible sweetness. Our dessert menu is a true symphony of ancient traditions and culinary innovations that come together to create dishes with tantalising flavours and textures. 

Gulab Jamun: A Hug in Every Bite

Sangeetha Veg Restaurant’s Gulab Jamun is a timeless classic, a true odyssey of sweetness. These golden spheres of joy are not just desserts; they’re a sweet embrace after a savoury, fulfilling meal. The soft, melt-in-your-mouth softness of the Gulab Jamun, soaked in a signature fragrant sugar syrup, tells the tale of the mastery of traditional Indian sweet-making at Sangeetha.

The popular appeal of Gulab Jamun lies in its simplicity and the comfort it brings which has resonated with customers across generations. At Sangeetha Veg Restaurant, our masterful chefs create each ball of Gulab Jamun with love and care, so each bite is a journey into the heart of sweet Indian traditions.

The Exotic Allure of Kasi Halwa

Made from the freshest white pumpkins and freshest of handpicked carrots, slow-cooked to perfection, and generously adorned with cashews and raisins, Sangeetha Veg Restaurant’s Kasi Halwa is a harmonious symphony of textures. Originating from the ancient city of Kasi (Varanasi), this delectable creation has found its way onto our dessert menu, captivating patrons with its unique flavours and velvety texture. 

The natural sweet flavour of the white pumpkin is prominent, creating a harmonious blend of flavours that dance on your palate. This halwa brings to the table numerous health benefits with pure, indulgent sweetness, making it a beloved dessert for families across Chennai.

A Look Into Sangeetha’s Falooda Menu

No sweet journey at Sangeetha is complete without venturing into the realm of faloodas – a delightful fusion of flavours, textures, and vibrant colours. The falooda menu at Sangeetha celebrates creativity and culinary cunning, featuring a scrumptious array of dessert drinks that cater to the diverse palates of all our customers.

Rose Falooda

Sit back and relax as you sip on Sangeetha Veg Restaurant’s Rose Falooda, where the delicate flavour of rose comes together with the sweetness of condensed milk. Topped with basil seeds, vermicelli, and scoops of velvety ice cream, this falooda is a delicacy that captivates both the senses and the soul.

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