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Karnatka or Tamil Nadu - Where did the Dosa come from?

Dosa, a thin crepe made from fermented batter that consists of rice and urad dhal, is one of the most commonly eaten breakfast or tiffin items. It is often paired with spicy potatoes to make it a ‘masala dosa’ or with chutney and sambar. Most people begin their day with the crunch of a crispy paper thin dosa.

This humble yet delicious breakfast is known to have been a staple since the 5th century AD in the country. According to K T Achaya, it is believed that the Dosa was found initially in the Temple streets of Udipi, Karnataka. The Chalukyan King Somesvara III, had first referenced the Dosa in Tamil literature in 1054 AD. It was later mentioned again in the 6th century.

Dosas are vegetarian friendly and can be consumed by those having wheat allergies. This South Indian dish is prepared using rice and is high in carbohydrates and but, low in calories. It is a very delicious yet light way to begin or end the day and is popular among diet conscious people and those with digestion problems. An average 86 gram Dosa is said to provide 162 calories, which is just around 8% of the daily recommended intake. As pulses are one of the key ingredients it is also a good source of protein.

There are a variety of Dosa’s to choose from when it comes to ordering Dosa’s from kal dosa’s to ghee roasts to onion dosas to rava dosas, which are dosa’s made with rava or semolina. These dosa’s are served with a side of extremely flavorful chutneys prepared using an array of ingredients from cilantro, fenugreek seeds to peanuts, coconut, dal, tamarind and garlic. Coconut chutneys, coriander chutney, mint chutney, tomato chutney, peanut chutney, tamarind chutneys and garlic chutney are most commonly eaten with dosa’s.

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